Antonietta Versus Lola Nidora Who Is The Queen Taray?

If you have not noticed already, GMA 7 has two prominent fictional characters popularized by two comedy shows/segments.


Antonietta is played by Betong on Bubble Gang.

And of course from the phenomenal KalyeSerye, Lola Nidora played by Wally Bayola.

Antonietta in Bubble Gands plays a contravida and of course we have seen Lola Nidora being so taray on Alden.

But who is the Queen Taray Tander of the two?

We would really love to seen them guest or be together in one show. We super love these two characters. Go go go!

GMA 7 is truly number one in comedy.

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antonietta versus lola nidora

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