Anne Curtis’ Self-produced Album Is Set To Release Soon

Anne Curtis is happy to announce that her self-produced album is set to release soon.


The announcement was made on her official Instagram account.

Anne posted a collage photo of while recording the album.

It has a caption saying, “Super cute photo wall at Sir [at]marvinq’s studio.  Annnnd that’s it! I’m officially done with all my songs for my upcoming album. I promise you it will be different from my last album. I took this a bit more seriously and really gave it my all. I just might even sound better 😊 Promise! It’s been a year in the making and I can’t wait to release it. My very first self produced album. I did some collaborations with singers, musicians and a DJ who shared their amazing talent with me. SOON!  P.S pleeeeease don’t judge till you hear it.”

Anne Curtis

The photo is taken from Instagram @annecurtissmith

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