Annabelle Rama Responsed To Daughter’s Message, Called Her ‘Plastic’

Right after the guest appearance of the former beauty queen and actress, Ruffa Gutierrez on “The Ryzza Mae Show” last Thursday May 7, her mother Annabelle Rama once again ranted on Twitter.


Ruffa’s mother tweeted that her daughter is plastic. She even challenged her to be true to her attitude.

Annabelle Rama Message To Ruffa

This message of Annabelle was a response to Ruffa’s “Mother’s Day” message to her saying:

Ruffa's Message To Mother

How are you, yup yup, yes I just had my brunch, so tasty and I love it.

Like most people, I opened my phone as usual to keep me abreast of what is happening and what the heck, people are sharing this Ruffa Guiterrez.

Well, I cannot believe that people are talking about this. But yeah it is real.

I am so thumbing up these news guys, so quick to write about, aherm, this topic "Ruffa Guiterrez, Annabelle Rama"

Tweets, (of course) shares and even Instagram photos have been made, you gotta love this, circulated on today

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