Angelica Panganiban Thanks Kris Aquino for Impersonating

I am really grateful. Everytime I get huge projects because of impersonating Kris Aquino, I really give gifts to her. Of course, I make something out of it. Thank you Ate Kris, you didn’t stop me.


Actress, comedian, host and endorser Angelica Panganiban made a statement in an interview revealing how she sought permission from the Queen of All Media for impersonating her in the late night gag show Banana Nights.

Angelica has been known for this since 2009 when Boy and Kris still did SNN, Showbiz News Ngayon.

Her new pixie cut look and her perfect spoofing of Aquino made her a favorite amongst televiewers.

She revealed how she became really good at it.

I am really into imitating people, and friends. I observe and it grew on me.

The photo above is taken from Angelica Panganiban’s Facebook fan page.

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