Some AlDub Fans Suggest Don’t Buy JaDine Covered Yes Mag or It’s Up To You

*Some AlDub Nation members or fans of the Alden Richards and Yaya Dub or Maine Mendoza are calling on other members that it is up to them if they buy the latest of issue of Yes Magazine with the JaDine love team on the cover


While other AlDub fans feel disrespected that the AlDub inset or photo below the JaDine pic seems to suggest that JaDine has overtaken AlDub. Some suggested that if the February gets sold out, the credit will go to JaDine since they are the cover.

Other loyalists of the EB tandem feel like Yes! Magazine is only using this as a bait or marketing strat for their magazines to sell.

Majority of the AlDub fans however are calling on fellow members not to bash JaDine and let others decide for themselves to buy it or not.

This article is based on comments made on social media, click below to read the actual postings.

CLICK LINK HERE FOR MORE COMMENTS – ALDUB Fans Mix Reactions On YES! Magazine February 2016 Issue


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