Alden Richards Shares How To Court A Girl To StarStruck Believers Sep 28, 2015

Alden Richards made a special appearance on the reality talent show “Star Struck” on GMA -7.


He’s there give tips to the gentlemen on how to court a girl.

One of the tips he gave was “be yourself, eye contact and be sincere”.

The second one was “sometimes you have to read between the lines. But crossing it is a big No, No!”

Then, Alden gave encouragement to all StarStruck believers.

He said, “If you fail today, it doesn’t mean it’s the end. Maybe, God is preparing something bigger for you at the right time.”

The national bae added the most important thing, “Prayers more than anything, more than talents, good looks.”

Alden was once a StarStruck dreamer. He failed to step up to the next level but now prove that “failure is the beginning of success.”

He is now the most popular and in demand actor in the country today.

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