Alden & Maine: True King & Queen of Social Media #ALDUBStayWithMe

AlDub Nation Raises Bar For Fandoms


KimXi, JaDine, KathNiel, LizQuen, these are, if not few of, the only love teams that constantly hug headlines on blogs, tabloids and social media posts.

But when AlDub came, it raised the bar not only on what it means to be a phenomenal love team but how fans should behave offline and online.

AlDub Nation – the umbrella name for the Yaya Dub and Alden Richards love team was recently cited by CBCP for their achievement in spreading good values online through posts and tweets.

Lea Salonga, who was bashed and mistakenly interpreted her “shallowness” tweet as a jab against AlDub, now lauds the fandom.

“And thus, they are doing good work for the world. Congratulations to the forces behind ALDUB.”

Indeed! And the spreading of good vibes as it is most commonly used does not end online.

Fans of Maine called out to fellow fanatics to refrain from unruly behavior. They were asked not to pinch, grab or harass Maine and her family in public places.

On Twitter, AlDubetizens also encourage one another not to bash other love teams or TV shows and rival networks.

Love, hate, and good vibes.

ALDUB August 24

Their state heads – Maine Mendoza and Alden Richards, they themselves set good examples as they also call out fans to be calm.

The KalyeSerye segment itself on EB is Pinoy’s noontime entertainment and values enriching “handa”.

It is proof that indeed a TV show can be hilarious but still uphold Filipino culture, tradition and Christian values.

That indeed, a TV network does not need to make offensive remarks, showing more flesh and sexiness in order for a program to rate higher.

But then again it is not all about EB, Alden or Maine Mendoza, the success of AlDub or KalyeSerye is a reflection of what Filipinos truly are.

We love entertainment, we love to laugh, we love to celebrate, love, life, and family.

But it is deeply rooted in us the importance of instilling good values among family members.

And as for Meng and Bae, no one can really refute that they are the King and Queen of Social Media, the forces of good, the royalties of positivity and love online and offline.

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