Acer Swift 7 (SF714-51T), the thinnest touch enabled laptop in the Philippines, Price is 88,526.64Php

IN TEST – Strengths and limits of Acer Swift 7 (SF714-51T), with integrated 4G connectivity, very thin, and real weight, qualifies as an ideal laptop for travel


For the 2019 version of Acer Swift 7 in Italy we will have to wait a few more months but it is already at the starting point. Just as it is in mainstream Acer Swift 7 ‘2018 edition’ (we try the model SF714-51T) , in fact, the update of the thinnest laptop that has been presented at CES 2019 in Las Vegas and so it is even more interesting now the comparison between the new version and the current one we are testing with its lights and shadows.

Certainly, at first glance, it seems that Acer has completely corrected (in the edition 2019) at least one of the elements that we least liked the model under test, and that is a lot of space wasted for a 14 “display (touch) that is surrounded by balanced frames on the upper profile and on the side profiles, but which ruins the elegant overall balance of Swift with a bottom edge of 4 cm. Really not very elegant, although in the lower frame, in the lower part, are housed brightness sensor and Webcam.

Acer Swift 7
It’s a shame this bad first impression, because the one proposed by Acer as a whole is an elegant laptop, very thin and very very light, with a record thickness of just 8/9 mm, which almost gives the idea of ​​having done a miracle to host the thinner interfaces such as the two USB Type-C 3.1 . Swift 7 weighs then just 1.2 kg, this is a fact that we must take into account, able to close a blind eye, compared to the choices related to the display.

We review Swift 7 and note with pleasure: on the right profile the power button and the compartment for a nanoSim that will always remain connected with the 4G, possibly also enter the SIM of the phone or tablet, given the choice of format sim smaller. Not only that, eSim is also supported.

Only the two interfaces mentioned USB Type C 3.1 and the single socket for combined headphones and microphone (mini jack) can be found on the left profile. Acer is equipped with a small and very thin mini-dock that can provide a USB 3.1 Type A port, USB Type C replication and an Hdmi port. Unexplainable, however, the absence also on this port of an Ethernet connector.

Acer Swift 7
On the rear edge you can see two discrete and elegant status LEDs, while the keyboard piano shows a five-line keyboard with the fingerprint reader on the left.

We appreciated the particularly generous touchpad (12 cm wide), sensitive and smooth, profiled with a metal wire, as well as the display, even if the touch pad does not have the right button, whose features are clearly obtainable with double touch contemporary of two fingers. For us, the best choice. The dissipation of heat, however, spread even to the area of ​​support of the palms of the hand.

Acer Swift 7 (SF714-51T), the specifications that matter
Swift 7 measures 32.8 × 23.7 × 0.9 cm, just to be clear, you can put it in its elegant folder where you put the same A4 sheets, the thickness so small is a real plus. The display, protected by Corning Gorilla glass, with a 14 “diagonal, unfortunately simply boasts the Full HD resolution (in 16: 9 aspect ratio), also to reduce consumption, considering the necessarily limited space available to host the polymer battery of lithium which has the capacity of 4580 mAh (with two cells).

This is an IPS panel with multi-touch LEDs. The laptop, however, can not be used as a tablet because the rotation allowed by the two hinges is just 180 degrees. Acer has worked well even if, with the laptop almost closed, the hinges tend to give way until the complete closure of the shell even when it is not desired.

The model we are testing uses an Intel Core i7 -7Y75 CPU . We say so now, it is not a cpu able to ensure top performance, but combines consumption and performance just enough to make it usable for a long time a laptop designed for extreme mobility, more than for graphics performance. The CPU is accompanied with integrated graphics Intel HD 615 , a level just below, the budget that we can consider standard for mainstream laptops, that is, with other CPUs, Intel HD 620.

Acer Swift 7
The user will have at his disposal the memory of a 256 Gbyte SSD disk (removed the space reserved for OS Windows 10 Pro and applications) and 8 Gbytes of Ram. Probably a 16 Gbyte module would have ensured better results in the performance tests that, we will see, have not amazed.

Asus Swift 7 supports WiFi Ac and Bluetooth connectivity, does not support NFC connectivity. The strength of 4G connectivity remains, so that the laptop can actually be a true travel companion for the business. Promoted with flying colors for this use. Satisfaction, considering the available space the audio sector. Without particular claims, it is appropriate to the device and the purpose of its use.

The model announced a few days ago in Las Vegas, Swift 7 2019 in addition to correcting the imperfection of the lower frame exaggerated weighs even less, just 890 grams, will feature Intel Core i7 of the eighth-generation Y series (this model 2018 is stopped at the seventh) and Bluetooth 5.0 (compared to 4.2 of this model).

Acer Swift 7 (SF714-51T), our experience and judgment
Acer Swift 7 (ed 2018) will remain our 14-inch diagonal portability champion for sure until mid-2019, when the new version recently presented at CES in Las Vegas 2019 will enter mainstream. The strong points are the extreme portability and 4G connectivity, all with a very small footprint and weight.

However, the expense for this model is very high. Swift 7 we talked about costs around 1900 euros. Really an excessive price. The choice of a laptop like the Swift 7 model under test must be guided above all by the search for usability everywhere and by maximum portability, less by performance. In fact, the PCMark 10 benchmarks did not return an exhilarating score, despite the adoption of Intel Core i7.

We are indeed in front of a cpu of the previous generation (1.3 GHz the standard clock frequency) compared to that now in mainstream. PCMark 10 records 2240 of total score. 5157 in Essentials tests , 3784 in those related to Productivity and just 1565 in those related to the creation of digital content. This is due to the lack of discrete graphics. The overall ergonomics is more than satisfactory, the keyboard has behaved very well in our tests. Overall, therefore, the laptop should be promoted with full marks, but undoubtedly at another price.

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