5 Ways Juan Karlos Labajo Enjoys This New Toy

The PhilPop Charmer Juan Karlos Labajo has recently shared with us his new toy, actually his new sound toy – the Bose Sound Link On-Ear headphones.

As JK agrees with Toothless, that cute blue stuffie from How To Train A Dragon, it is a great pair of headphones for listening to mellow or acoustin music.

“The Bose Sound Link On-Ear is simply awesome (no bs). I’ve listened to so many headphones out there already and yes I did compare some (comparable) headphones to this thing and it’s the one that I preferred. I would recommend this headphone for those people who usually listen to “mellow” genres like acoustic and some pop. If you are the type of human being who listens more on sounds with heavy bass (or a “bass head” for short), well, I wouldn’t recommend this one for you. (Try the Bose Mini Sound Link Over-Ear if you’re a bass head) Overall, I rate the Bose Sound Link On-Ear, a Dragon/Dragon.”

Aside from that here are five more ways JK is enjoying the Sound Link On Ear (based on reviews):

1.) Noise cancelling aboard airplane – yup it does help cancel a bit of the noise in there.
2.) Skyping or whatever is the newest social media app as the product gives you clear sound even if you maybe talking from a noisy environment
3.) Comfy wearing for several hours – because of its durable built, your head and ears won’t get strained after several hours of wearing it.
4.) No more tangly music trip – yup if you get the bluetooth variant, no more wires, and works with your bluetooth capable phone
5.) Stylish it comes with the universal colors of white and black which can go with any OOTD.


So there you have it, check out the new Bose Sound Link On Ear.

Bose Sound Link On-Ear

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