4th Power on X Factor UK Update Sep 27, 2015 Titanium Performance

4th Power has been featured today on KMJS, KapusoMo Jessica Soho and explained their status in the X Factor UK.


The group had already appeared in the bootcamp series where they performed a Tina Turner song.

And now, they have clarified that they are still in the competition despite the controversy.

So the girls were prompted to change their name to 4th Impact after a copyright case against them, however they still use 4th Power.

The battle is on for them but they cannot divulge details.

During the recent episode, it was revealed that Simon was not impressed at all. They could have made it better he said.

However, there is a controversy now hunting the group as they are accused of having problems backstage. Sources tell that 4th Power group has been b–ching because they are Simon Cowell’s favorite, uh oh!

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