3 Steps To Increase Earnings With Amazon Bounties for Associates

Here are tips on how you can increase your earnings on Amazon as an affiliate. Follow these 3 steps.


Members of Amazon now have a chance to augment their income using the Bounties program.

The idea is that as a member you can feature Amazon products under its Featured Promotions category.

3 Steps To Increase Earnings With Amazon Bounties

1.) Go to your Amazon Associates account and click “Reports” tab
2.) Scroll down to the bottom and find “Earn More from these Bounties” section
3.) Select one or two Bounty item and starting showcasing them.

Usually there are five items in this section.

The goal is to feature them as a product recommendation.

Amazon considers these items as having higher potential for earnings.

This is because more customers purchase or subscribe to these products.

Another great thing about the Bounties program is that it lets you overcome Ad Blocking software.

So you are sure to earn even if your visitor blocks ads.

I highly recommend these books for improving your Amazon associates program.

Resources on Amazon

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