Your Face Sounds Familiar 2 Sep 26, 2015 Trends With #YFSFIkawNa, Michael P Impersonates Nick Jonas

Viewers continue to have fun on “Your Face Sounds Familiar” new season airing every weekend.

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Every Saturdays and Sundays, performers of the show are all amazing. All of them are talented and perform well.

Last week, Sam Concepcion was the weekend winner.

Tonight, Michael Pangilinan wowed netizens with his impersonation of Nick Jonas.

This week, who will be your bet?


Here are some of the netizens’ reactions:

Dakkie R. Sibayan ‏ – “YFSFIkawNa [at]khelpangilinan as Nick Jonas. Wow! But Teacher G, seduce me, seduce me, I’m produce. What?hahaha Love you Melai.”

Kaythe Padilla ‏- “And pretty good stage performance impersonation of Nick Jonas.

Sydrik Elequin ‏- “Hands down to Michael P. for almost perfecting the impersonation of Nick Jonas! I hope he wins!!”

Eunice – “Melai as Teacher Georcelle really made my night! Hahaha”

Marie Alonzo ‏- “I can see how much Myrtle is working hard. She’s impersonating icons from different generations w/ different styles and genre. Good job!”

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