Who Is The Visitor – KalyeSerye Nov 3, 2015 #ALDUBTheVisitor

The big question of the day, who is the visitor on today’s Kalye Serye?

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Let’s spread love, happiness, positivity and goodvibes!
Nothing more! Throw all the negativities! SMILE! 🙂 – This is the call of AlDubNation today.

This after the online activist group Anonymous Philippines hijacked Maine Mendoza’s Twitter account and relayed a call for a march on November 5, 2015 against government’s inability to solve national problems.

The hacking was frowned upon by fans saying the move was uncalled and defeats their core purpose of change.

“The end does not justify the means” – this was the quote of most AlDubarkadas.


Yesterday however, someone called Lola Nidora and we will find out today the identity of this caller as he or she is coming.

It turns out that it was not just the Twitter account that was hacked but also the email account of Maine Mendoza, at least this is how netizens suspect what really happened.

Today on KalyeSerye, the Lolas revealed Meng’s email address was hacked.

So what happened was the email address was first hijacked.

So when the password was reset for Meng’s Twitter, the new password was readily retrieved from the email account.

As of 1pm today, it was revealed that Meng’s Twitter was already retrieved. Maine Mendoza and TAPE are yet to release their official statement.

AlDub fans reminded Maine not to publicly display her email address.


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