VIRAL! New Video Shows Why Smartphones and Internet of Things Are Dangerous

Of course, it is only a commercial but this actually the reality or at least the future reality that humans will face in the near future.

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Especially when the internet of things becomes mainstream.

So before anything else what is the internet of things. Well, it is actually the idea that every electrical and electronic appliances inside your house will be connected to the internet, just like when telephones became smart. You know, smartphones?

The idea is that say for example your refrigerator is wired to the WWW. So your ref definitely knows when you are going to run out of vegies, meat and other food supplies, and when you do run out, it automatically sends you an alert so you can drop by the grocery store to pick up supplies or better yet get it connected to an online store say for example,, and everything will be processed and delivered to your doorstep.

Another example is the thermostat and airconditioning. When it is connected to the grid, it will be automatically turn on and adjust your home’s climate when it senses that you are about to get home.


So while you are driving to your place, it automatically cranks up the AC and by the time you’re at the doorstep, the entire house is as comfortable as you’d expect.

But here lies of course the danger, as it opens new doors, or shall we say backdoors to opportunitsts and burglars.

This video here just basically says that when you have all your home devices connected to the internet and without your properly making the necessary security settings, you’ll make it easy for the bad guys to steal your stuff.

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