VIRAL: Like Transformers Movie Electric Post in Cebu Explodes, Onlooker Almost Fried

An electrical post in Cebu City exploded last night. Cebuano residents caught the incident on camera and feared for an almost deadly ordeal.

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Sunday night when a group of bikers patrolled the roads on NRA or North Reclamation Area in Cebu City.

The group stopped by the Total Gas station for a refill when they noticed an electrical post was already generating sparks.

While waiting for VECO, the Visayan Electric Cooperative maintenance team to arrive, the team of Click Club Cebu recorded the incident using a smartphone.

Seconds into the clip however the post exploded sending shockwaves and scared the nut out of the onlookers.


It looked like a scene from a Transformers movie. The explosion resonated a humming electric sound and it could have hurt the onlookers had they been closer.

“Ka**ta”, exclaimed the man behind the camera.

“Hapit me ma-lechon!” (We almost got fried!)

VECO has yet to release official statement on the incident.

The cooperative advised the consumers to report incidents like this to prevent any harm.

Video credit to Cebu Flash Report and Click Club Cebu Team

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