[VIDEO] Watch Karelasyon with Rodjun Cruz & Sebastian Castro Full Episode on GMA Pinoy TV International

Karelasyon is GMA 7’s most provocative drama anthology series which tackles on sensitive, controversial and relevant stories of relationships that reflect the current socio-economic status of ordinary Filipinos.

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Today on Karelasyon, YouTuber Sebastian Castro and Rodjun Cruz star in an episode that focuses on show for pay or men who offer themselves to perform an act in front of a webcam in exchange for money.

Rodjun who has an illing child is in a desperate situation and needs money, soon meets Sebastian Castro and would agree to do the show for pay.

But he will soon be entangled in a web of controversy, as police are now hunting their illegal activity.

The episode also introduces Ken Anderson, the brother of Gerald Anderson.


Watch the full episode now on GMA 7 and on GMA Pinoy TV international.

guess what we're shooting for?

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