Pinoy Big Brother May 14, 2014 “PBBALLINDay17: Sandara Park, Daniel Matsunaga Enter Pinoy Big Brother House”

Axel is seeking for validation? Fishing for compliments? Is his ego bloated already?

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But naaah! The girls say they like Axel because of his Pinoy complexion and they can’t help compare that to Jacob’s skin, which the girls describe as makinis, maputi, pangmayaman and pambakla?

Cess denied she made such statement.

Really? Girls really don’t fair skinned guys because it’s pambakla?

And Loisa is confirmed to have been harboring the mother lice.


Netizens agree the girls should have been more sensitive.

Loisa is embarassed and who does not. It could have been handled better but all has been said and done and kuya have already given the measures.

It’s Day 17 inside the Big House and Sandara Park is coming over, plus this Sunday Daniel Matsunaga on PBB.

Here are the netizens’ comments:

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