[VIDEO] Pennywise The Dancing Clown Official Trailer

So which blockbuster did you see last weekend? Hello good day, stick around now, yes indeed it is new movie time. Read on, yup. The title is “Pennywise The Dancing Clown” and yup I am giving this film five stars out of five. It’s awesome. Believe me.

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Bill Skarsgard with this casting, nothing could go wrong. So exciting!

Andrés Muschietti was tasked to direct. Theaters start screen by September 8, 2017.

The motion picture it starts with the murder of a youngster, George Denbrough, in a residential community’s neighborhood storm deplete, in the fall of 1988. After one year, in the late spring of 1989, Georgie’s more established sibling and his gathering of companions start a scan for the executioner, inevitably finding the murder was submitted by an insidious substance.


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