[VIDEO] Midnight Sun Official Trailer

Last time we saw this film, yup yup, I think things are getting slow in the movie world. But great thing we have a new movie, it is called “Midnight Sun” and I am so sure my officemates will join me to watch this. I swear.

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Bella Thorne, Patrick Schwarzenegger, Rob Riggle, Quinn Shephard, Ken Tremblett, Jenn Griffin, Nicholas Coombe, Tiera Skovbye, Paul McGillion, Austin Obiajunwa, Alex Pangburn: they are the members of the cast and me thinks they are a perfect choice.

Scott Speer was asked to direct this one. Theaters will start showing this on (to be announced).

Subsequent to being analyzed at an extremely youthful age, KATIE PRICE has lived with a serious hereditary sickness, Xeroderma Pegmentosum. Since XP is described by an amazing affectability to bright beams, Katie spends the majority of her life in seclusion to maintain a strategic distance from daylight, as any introduction could demonstrate deadly. Except for her widowed father JACK and her lone companion MORGAN, Katie invests whatever remains of her energy alone by composing tunes on the guitar and watching out her window aching to be a part of the regular world that we underestimate. From her tinted windowed roost, she tracks the comings and goings a seemingly endless amount of time of CHARLIE REED unbeknownst to him. With sunset being the main time to securely abandon her home, Katie frequently performs for workers at a neighborhood train station. As Charlie leaves his secondary school graduation party, he takes after the music originating from the stage. After seeing Katie surprisingly, Charlie is instantly stricken. Deciding to not uncover the seriousness of her condition, Katie and Charlie spend the mid year succumbing to each other under the stars. In this account of youthful affection, Katie discovers her voice while urging Charlie to seek after his fantasy of advanced education. Their delighted sentiment goes to an unexpected end when Katie coincidentally forgets about time and gets got in the morning daylight. She has put herself at danger and is soon informed that her condition has quickened to a final turning point. With time rapidly running out, Katie and Charlie need to live without bounds and share an adoration that will transform them – and everyone around them – for eternity. MIDNIGHT SUN is a terrible, invigorating tale about first love, dreams acknowledged and one impeccable summer.


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