[VIDEO] Lyca Gairanod, Sarah Geronimo Share Stage – History In The Making

Recently, Coach Sarah Geronimo and “The Voice Kids Philippines” grand champion Lyca Gairanod took the battle round in Sarah G Live Dagupan.

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In the video which has 16,018 views, you can see how sweet their voices blended together.

The audience love their performance.

Now, the title can be a bit of provoking but it’s not really the intention to pit these two amazing talented singers against each other. But, if you were a coach on a talent show, say for example like The Voice, to whom should you turn your chair? To Ate Sarah or Lyca?

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Netizens posted their reactions after seeing the video. Below are some of it:

Melinda Cajontoy – “Wow amazing coach queen Sarah G, she handles and teach baby Lyca G with love and care.”

Jen – “I like the voice of Lyca. She is talented like her coach Sarah G.” Their voices are good to hear.”

Dandansoyish – “Well done Lyca, well done. You really sing thru your heart just like your coach Sarah. Learn from her. Trust her. Its difficult to trust in showbiz but I believe you can rely in your coach Sarah. She will help you without pretensions. Go Lyca, so much is ahead of you. Be thankful always.”

Watch the video below uploaded by Sarah Geronimo.

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