[VIDEO] English Translation of South Korean Teen Footage Before Ferry Sink

Today, a parent of a teen victim of the ferry sink in South Korea published through the media a video clip showing the last few moments of his son with school mates before the tragedy happened.

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In the video, the teenagers who were already aware of the situation were subconsciously calming each down, teasingly calling the situation they are into as that similar to Titanic.

Laughing and light moments can be heard on the video as any of their age would do.

But minutes later, tension is already emanating from the young men and women.

They can be seen wearing life jacket at that moment.


Someone can be heard commenting that what the announcer was saying on the PA system is nonsense. They were being advised to stay in their position.

A voice of a young man, apparently that of the owner of the cellphone that’s taking video, can be heard saying if this is their last moment they need to say their goodbyes and said his ‘i love you” to his parents.

Reaction from netizens of the said video are mixed as others believed that this proved the irresponsible decisions of the captain.

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