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Be Careful With My Heart April 17, 2014 Episode Backtrack “The New Admirer”

Teresita and Arturo have talked about that etching on the tree trunk. Arturo, for all he knows, gets to have a good chance of winning Teresing’s heart back.

One time they had a lunch out, and Manang Fe and Teresita had to catch up, but were called to receive a delivery from someone.

It was a basket full of sweet mangoes.

Manang Fe was quick to note it came from Arturo. Teresing quips “sometimes when he is in mood”.

Upon reading the note though, Maya’s mom gets surprised as it comes from Fernando.

When they reached the table, everyone gets excited with mango-filled basket.

Teresita however is not comfortable explaining to Maya where it came from, but she had to tell them anyway.

Arturo could not believe.

Maya panics and calls Kute!

**Regular airing of BCWMH resumes Monday April 21, 2014.