Star Stalk: Heart Evangelista Designs Notebook Now Available

Now that the school has started, students and parents are busy in buying school requirements.

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Some of them have already bought like notebooks, pencils, ballpens, crayons and others.

But for those who have not yet bought their things, this is good news for you.

Heart Evangelista’s paint is now in Sterling notebooks and are available in National Bookstore.

The information was posted two days ago on her Instagram account.


Heart posted a photo of the notebook showing he painting.

The post has a caption, “paintings on Sterling notebooks. Available in National Bookstore!”

Heart Evangelista Painting

Some followers are happy and wanted to buy it. Others appreciated her artwork.

Here are their messages:

its_mariemariemarie – “You’re amazing in all you do, @iamhearte.”

Jhingbun – “I love your paintings Ms. Heart @iamhearte.”

Momsybiz – “Really cool! I told my nieces and nephews in the Philippines to buy those notebooks. Hoping to get them for myself and my bebe girl too @iamhearte.”

Babesanselmo – “Beautiful and were sooo proud of you gifted lady.”

The photo is taken from @iamhearte.

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