Star Stalk: Billy Crawford Shares Sweet Birthday Message for Coleen Garcia

Today September 24, the “Ex With Benefits” star, Coleen Garcia is celebrating her 23rd birthday.

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Her boyfriend, Billy Crawford posted his sweet birthday message for the actress on Instagram.

Billy said, “Happy happy birthday to you my everything. You’ve been through ups and down your entire life. But you still grew up to be the toughest, loveliest, hardworking, amazing, beautiful, God fearing, understanding and patient person I have ever encountered. I thank God for you every single day. You deserve the best and nothing less. I am so happy knowing I have you in my life until the day I die. Even if you’re still at work, hopefully you enjoy your day cause you need it. I love you so much! [at]coleengarcia sorry for the pic!”

Billy Crawford

On the other hand, Coleen thanked her “PasionDeAmor” family, director and Billy for the celebration.
The actress posted a photo of her with Eric Quizon and Billy on her Instagram with caption, “Thank you so much to my Pasion De Amor family and to [at]rekdibayani! And thank you love [at]billyjoecrawford for rushing all the way to Tagaytay with my mom to spend my birthday sa-lu-bong with me! …..[at]eric_quizon hahaha Birthday on the set.”


Coleen Garcia

The photos are taken from Instagram @coleengarcia and billyjoecrawford

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