Samsung Galaxy Mega 2 Launched, Priced at Around PHP 22,000

The much buzzed on social media Samsung Galaxy Mega 2 will be price tagged Php 21,999 pesos and it will be available on retailers by January 1, 2014 when the device is available.

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Too effing big man. I had the 6.3 for a few months and it was unlocked and rooted but the screen size gets old after a while. It’s a great phone tho but 7 in its just too big now. They should have went for 6.5

I think it would be nice i would buy it. I have the 6.3 and i love it. Notice no difference in none of the samsungs. And i think its better without the s pen then it would be a note. My s pen was so easy to lose so i like it better without. I think samsung should go for it. I love big phones

I was looking for something like this 2 years ago, but now i have note 2 and i don’t think i need a tablet anymore… but you can get a physical keyboard for 7″ tablet, which you can’t get for note 2 so that’s something where this 7″ galaxy mega dominates… i would like to have a physical keyboard for my phone.


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