Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime Arrives in the Philippines, What’s The Price?

The much talked about Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime is here and the price is expected to be Php 16,999 pesos but don’t fall in line yet until December 1, 2015 the availability date.

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Nice but why bother? You’ll have an inflated price along with a outer body that could easily scratch or dent. I’ve had metal phones in the past and I actually like the ability of being able to battery swap or easily replace a damaged back cover from a third party supplier.

I don’t like it like that. It’s isn’t a Galaxy anymore. I prefer a plastic back, because is better and everyone recognize a Galaxy like that. With metal, no amovible back, and I’m pretty sure the Sd Card will be on the edge of the phone, I don’t like that too. I prefer find that in the phone. I don’t understand the hype for metal body… Anyway, for a concept, it’s pretty, but i don’t want it

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