What is the Samsung Galaxy E7 price in the Philippines

Oh my sweetness here it is, oh wow, the all new gadget the whole community is talking about is here Samsung Galaxy E7 and is going to be, this is sweet, price tagged PHP 14,999.00 and that sounds (just so ill) terrific though but do not get too excited though as this device will not be shipped, oh come on, before March 2015 the, nope im serious, availability date.

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Like it or not, oh wow, companies will always shell out good stuff every so often and there is a new gadget in town and this is called Samsung Galaxy E7 and well the, this is sweet, price will be PHP 14,999.00 pesos (just so ill) and you can get a hold, oh come on, of it by March 2015 when, nope im serious, it becomes available.

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