Showtime April 30 2014

“It’s Showtime” August 13 2014 Live Episode

This Wednesday on “Its Showtime”, the show is having a new segment soon, “PINASIKAT”.

The madlang people are pretty sure that this will give more fun to the show.

But before it happens, the program continues its “Sino Mo ‘To and Gandang Lalaki” segments.

“It’s Showtime” is a program that continues its aim to give a noontime variety show for the purpose not only for making the audience contentment and happiness but also to help them by the prize that they have received.

Hosted by Vhong Navarro, Anne Curtis, Billy Crawford, Karylle, Kim Atienza, Teddy Corpuz, Jugs Jugueta and Vice Ganda, Jhong Hilario, Ryan Bang and Coleen Garcia.

Below are the netizens’ reactions:

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The Ryzza Mae Show

Watch The Ryzza Mae Show August 13 2014 Full Episode

This Wednesday on “The Ryzza Mae Show”, the guest of the show is the couple Gary Estrada and Bernadette Allyson.

The Ryzza Mae is a show on GMA-7 was started last April 8, 2013 and now dominates in noontime show.

Ryzza is a breathe of fresh air in Philippine Television, she’s been doing this for a while not and the novelty is still not wearing out, so probably it is not just or exactly the novelty that make people get hooked.

It is the wit of the child, the total package, it’s fresh, it is entertaining, and yes, the best thing that happened to noontime television since Eat Bulaga and Wowowee is not even one of them.

So good job to TAPE, Eat Bulaga for unearthing this little behemoth of Philippine TV, that is Ryzza Mae.

Here are the netizens’ reactions on today’s episode:

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pinoy big brother pbb

Pinoy Big Brother All In August 12 2014, Netizens React

As early as now, netizens are now complaining to the reality show “Pinoy Big Brother All In” in choosing the ‘Big 4’.

They said that the remaining housemates do not deserve to be part of the Big 4.

The show evicted the deserving ones.

What can you say about this Big Brother?

Here are their some of their comments:

Adam Genato: “This PBB season is just so painful to watch. They are kicking out the deserving housemates and letting the undeserving ones stay.”

Jozef Del Mundo: “Failure of PBBALLIN is casting not only “pretty” HMs but HMs whose ambition is 100% showbiz.

Morgan Magazine: “Manolo should have won! PBBAllin Best representation of a Good Boy and a Decent man! Sayang! Going for Matsunaga and Mariz.

“Pinoy Big Brother All In” is the fifth regular and eleventh season overall of Pinoy Big Brother.

Toni Gonzaga, Bianca Gonzalez, Robi Domingo, and John Prats are hosts of the show.

Aside from that, Alex Gonzaga is also joining as part of the host.

Below are the netizens’ reactions:

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Sana Bukas Pa Ang Kahapon 5

Sana Bukas Pa Ang Kahapon August 12 2014 Episode: “I Do”

Tonight on “Sana Bukas Pa Ang Kahapon” series, Rose is struggling in keeping her love towards Patrick despite his pretentions.

Every time they are together, Rose remembers the past they have.

Sasha on the other hand, is still hoping that everything will be fine with her husband.

She tries her best to trust him and believes that no matter what happen, Patrick is still his husband.

“Sana Bukas Pa Ang Kahapon” is a drama series directed by Jerome C. Pobocan and Trina N. Dayrit

If features Bea Alonzo in her first triple role.

The story revolves around two different women, Emmanuelle, a feisty lawyer and Rose, the kind hearted heiress of a huge chocolate company who seek truth and justice.

Below are the netizens’ reactions:

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ang dalawang mrs real

Watch Ang Dalawang Mrs Real on GMA 7 Full Episode August 12 2014: “The Real Ring”

Tonight on “Ang Dalawang Mrs Real” series, Anthony shocks Millet after seeing her real beauty.

Because of this, the couple tries to renew their promises to each other and forget what was past.

But Millet is struggling in doing this.

Sheila on the other hand, tries to stand despite the hardship of losing the man she loved and her son.

She determines to find job so that Sheila can faces her family with dignity.

“Ang Dalawang Mrs Real” is a romantic drama series of GMA Network featuring Dingdong Dantes, Lovi Poe and Maricel Soriano.

It is under the direction of Andoy Ranay.

Below are the netizens’ reactions:

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My Destiny July 2 2014

Watch My Destiny on GMA 7 Full Episode August 12 2014: “Lucas I Love You”

Tonight on “My Destiny” series, everything is already prepared for the surprise of Joy.

Matthew and Grace are doing this to make her happy.

All their families are there to witness the surprise however; Matthew and Grace are the one who after the event because Joy says ‘I Love You’ to Lucas.

What will be their reaction?

“My Destiny” is the story of Grace Dela Rosa, a woman who’s willing to sacrifice everything, even her romantic aspiration, for her family.

Grace decided to work abroad and walk away from her own family to give way to her sister’s happiness.

Saddened by Grace’s decision to work abroad, Matthew continues his medical studies. Matthew then meets Joy at medical school.

Below are the netizens’ reactions:

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nino gma 7 july 9 2014

Watch Niño on GMA 7 Full Episode August 12 2014: “Everybody Is Happy”

Tonight on “Niño” series, the kid is happy now that Leny and Hannah are friends.

Niño feels that everything is fine and nothing to worry about.

Grace on the other hand, wishes that her family will be together.

Is her wish comes true?

“Niño” is a Filipino drama series of GMA Network starring Miguel Tanfelix, Julian Marcus Trono and David Remo.

The story is based on the friendship between a immature and the Philippines most beloved child, the Santo Niño.

Below are the netizens’ reactions:

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Hawak Kamay 5

Hawak Kamay August 12 2014 Episode: “Truth Will Prevail”

Tonight on “Hawak Kamay” series, Emong decides to be with his real father so that Pedring and Gin will not fight anymore.

Despite the pain, the kid stands his father to protect the other kids.

Lorrie also learns that Atty. Bianca is her real mother.

“Hawak Kamay” is a story of a failed musician who becomes the guardian of the three orphans that his dearly departed sister adopted.

It is a family drama that surely captures the heart of the viewers especially the modern Filipino families.

Let us together find out how a failed musician and a drunkard man turns into a responsible father to the three kids.

Below are the netizens’ reactions:

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pure love logo

Pure Love August 12 2014 Episode: “The Healing Hearts”

Tonight on “Pure Love” series, Dave gets angry to Ysabel on why she accompanied with Raymond now that she is sick.

Aside from that, he feels that his friend wants to test his emotion toward his employee.

But instead of confronting Raymond, Dave reminds Ysabel that his friend is now engaged to Diane despite the latter is in comatose.

“Pure Love” is a local adaptation of the well-loved 2011 Korean TV series, “Pure Love” who tackles true love and the strong ties that bind to the Filipino family.

It tells the story of Diane, an optimistic rich girl who seems to have everything, and Ysabel, an average working girl who led a rather “lifeless” life since her boyfriend died.

Aside from Alex and Yen, the series is also featuring Arron Villaflor, Arjo Atayde, Joseph Marco, Matt Evans, Yam Concepcion, Anna Luna, Sunshine Cruz, John Arcilla, Ana Capri, Bart Guingona and Dante Ponce.

It is under the direction of Veronica Velasco and Mikey Del Rosario.

Below are the netizens’ reactions:

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Moon of Desire 2014-04-29

Moon of Desire August 12 2014 Episode: “Take Me Back”

Today on “Moon of Desire”, the series is down on its four remaining days as Jeff and Ayla continues fighting for their love despite their differences.

What will be the ending of their story?

“Moon of Desire” is a daytime television series directed by FM Reyes and Raymund B. Ocampo.

It features JC de Vera, Meg Imperial, Ellen Adarna and Dominic Roque.

The story centers on Ayla plays by Meg and her famous FM radio program Moon of Desire.

Everyone is talking about it because of the lovely, seductive and sexy voice that soothes the pain of those who are heart broken by the love advice she gives.

However, more than the talk about the radio program, the true mystery that hounds her listeners is the anonymity of the DJ herself.

Below are the netizens’ reactions on today’s episode:

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