OnePlus 5 Philippine Price for Php 26980.00

The follow up to the OnePlus 3/3T is almost here. OnePlus 5 is required to adhere to OnePlus’ system of bringing the best of details at a sensible price tag.

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Up to this point we just had mysteries, gossipy tidbits and holes. They recommended that the telephone will land with 5.5″ screen of QHD determination and a Snapdragon 835 chipset. The RAM will be 6 GB however spills for 8 GB showed up too.

OnePlus chosen to skirt the 4 since the number is viewed as unfortunate in China. The organization likewise said one reason for picking the 5 is the number five shirt of a previous NBA player Robert Horry, who is viewed as a most loved among numerous workers of the Chinese organization.


Kevin Bogaard Been using the OP3 for about a year now.. Camera quality is meh + audio on video when shooting something loud (concert for example) absolutely blows. If they fix that, I’m going OP5


Robert Czekański If price will be about price of OP3T than it will be my next phone

Mohammad Al-haji Well technically the OnePlus 5 will be the sixth phone from OnePlus, you have 1, 2, X, 3, & 3T.

David Angeloski I loved the OnePlus 1, but the LTE bands on the last couple were no good for AUS users, hope the next phone is more suited to Australia bands.

I promise everyone here reading this that the OnePlus 5 will be the most affordable and the fastes phone you can find. I truly believe OnePlus will make it happen and take the next phone in revolutionizing the smartphone market.

OnePlus is skipping OnePlus 4 and launching the 5th edition directly, apparently because in China number four is considered unlucky.

The official price of OnePlus 5 and where to buy in the Philippines. Yo what’s going down my gadget bro, oh my gee, I woke up with this news on my smartphone.

The tech community is stoked to hear about this new gizmo.

Ladies and gents, please welcome OnePlus 5 and you gotta dig those looks ey, it is quite a looker!

So I believe this will be priced at Php 26980.00 pesos of course, not bad.

So, keepin it real, when are you going to buy it? Just wait until June 2017 when the device is available. prices are subject to change though.

You can check out Kim Store and Lazada for availability. You can check out their website for stock.

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