“On The Wings Of Love” Sep 14, 2015 Episode #OTWOLInDenial Overtakes PSY

“On The Wings Of Love’s” ratings continue to soar high. The scenes are getting even more exciting especially with James Reid and Nadine Lustre’s characters.

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On Monday, as early as 7 pm, the hashtag, “OTWOLInDenial” trended on Twitter.

Viewers are excited for another sweet episode where Nadine will finally be kissing James. This is it!

How far they will deny their feelings for each other?

Below are some of the comments of the viewers posted on social media:


Vanessa Arevalo – “Very proud Jadine fan and certified OTWOLista here!!! Thank you for unwavering super kilig moments ever since from DNP up to OTWOL.”

Malou Ochava – “I really love how James pronounced the word ‘approved’..so manly..arrrggghhhh!”

Shao mae – “I read that Apparently Nadine never usually initiates but she did for this scene and James said “nads, you start the kiss, and I’ll finish” or something among those lines.”

Kryztinejhay Garner – “JaDine is so sweet everytime I see this it makes me scream and shout their so sweet together.”

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