“On The Wings Of Love” October 16, 2015 #OTWOLBiyahengPagibig

Tonight on “On The Wings Of Love” James Reid continues courting the father of Nadine Lustre.

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He is doing everything so that he will be accepted as a part of the Nadine’s family.

While the actor is doing all of this, Albie Casino learned that his cousin is now in the Philippines.

He also wanted to leave San Francisco and go home.

Below are the netizens’ reactions:


WLJD Baguio ‏- “James Reid you’re making every girls scream and scream and scream!!!”

JAM – “JaDine’s indeed the Multi-Media love team of this time.”

Dauntless – “JaDine CAN act; they CAN sing; they CAN dance! Very talented and I am one proud fan!! achieve!!”

Arianney – “That was a fun videoke scene but I super love the meaning of that APO song that a tear fell while I was giggling!”


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