New Music: Austin Percario – Let It Go

Love day it is guys, what’s happening, to the bones, I’m eating my favorite bread from my fave bakeshop while updating coz I love it.

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Here’s the thing though, recently on my Twitter, this keeps on notifying me, as people are posting about Austin Percario – Let It Go

Here’s the deal, yes darling, I hate Spotify.

It used to be fast in new music.

That’s why I didn’t know we got new music from – Austin Percario and that lovable artist of yours has a new smash radio hit maker in the making.

The new song is dubbed, go on, as Let It Go .


Get the song (just think about it) now from Amazon MP3 or iTunes only and not site that is named after zipper, site that hosts monster files , site that claims to host exclusive rhythm and blues or Ua website that rhymes with current, yes cupcake, and website named after a feline. New Music: Austin Percario – Let It Go

Austin Percario – Let It Go

[6.8 Austin Percario – Let It Go

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