Must Date The Playboy Episode 3 Review – Top 8 Must-See Revelations [SPOILERS]

Exactly 12:00 AM on September 14, 2015 when ABS-CBN Mobile released the third episode of Must Date The Playboy, the Philippines’ first made-for-mobile movie series.

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And it keeps getting better! So apart from the usual review, we’re doing the 8 must-see revelations, if you haven’t seen it yet, or if you’ve seen it already and missed all eight, because you got so swept away! No worries, I think we all do. 😉

So here they are:

1.) Zach’s family – we all know Zach has burdens but were so into the feels when we found out about his Daddy being so out of touch.
2.) Zach is a “Papa”, yes, I mean there’s a little girl in the episode being revealed as referring to Xian Lim as her papa.
3.) Vicay character – yup, there is a character in the series named Vicay, and find out who she is.
4.) Tori has an unlikely gang of friends – well not really surprising, given the type of personality that she has, but aside from Jessy and Matt, yes, our female lead has another gang revealed in this episode.
5.) Zach is already forgiven by Tori and you may have already an idea why.
6.) Tori’s Mom is thumbs up for Zach, oops, spoiler.
7.) Zach reveals he is Empoy, for real, as he had been chatting with Tori all the while.
8.) ZachTo is caught in a risky situation. OMG!

If you haven’t already, make sure you catch the Episode 3 now on ABS-CBN Mobile.


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