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MarNella caugh here in their sariling mundo mode. And we’re kilig all over the place!

First things first, ever heard of the term own world syndrome?

Apparently, it’s a thing.

Especially for love birds, I mean hello come on, who hasn’t? Anybody who has special feelings for another will have this tendency.


Allow me to explain, this sariling mundo syndrome is this tendency to tune out from the actual physical present reality and just narrow your spectra of focus to one object, and in this case a person you really care.

It happens even if you’re in a noisy environment like a club or in a party, where no other voices or noises matter but that special person.

It’s that moment of binary revolution. Like binary stars in astrophysics, where no one is really in the center but both of you trying to revolve around each other affecting your gravity and influence in space time.

This is the own world syndrome.

It’s a sign of that two beings are in deep connection, no one would dare or attempt to disturb.

To be fair with Marlo Mortel here, Janella really is the center of his solar system. 

Nobody gives Janella more special care and attention than the soulful singer and multi-talented man Marlo.

Thanks for taking care of our Super Janella.

But what do you guys think of this photo? Like for super agree or Dislike if something else.

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