Maine Mendoza Babalik Na Sa Twitter?

Patuloy pa rin ang pamamayagpag ng AlDub, the Phenomenal love team.

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Maine’s launch of new Funtastyk Tocino commercial, a success.

Alden Richards also gets to be more in demand in endorsements, events and TV guestings.

Pero agree ba kayo ngayon sa haka-hakang may cameo si Alden sa MLFTS? Comment below.

Speaking of agreeing, marami na talaga ang nami-miss si Maine sa Twitter.


Sabi ng nation na let us give her sometime.

Pero kahit lie low muna, trending pa rin si Menggay nang nag-ala Britney Spears sa EB today.

Using hashtag AlDubInOurHearts, marami ang nag-react sa Lola’s Playlist. Do you think dapat na palitan?

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