List of ALDUB TV Commercials

Alden Richards and Maine “Yaya Dub” Mendoza is undeniably a worldwide phenomenon, a feat that is recognized by Twitter executives.

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Both of them did not expect this to happen, but thanks to Eat Bulaga which made this all possible.

Because of being popular, the team up got endorsements together. They also have individual TV commercials.

Below are some of their TV commercials recently.

1.) Mc Donalds – Alden and Yaya Dub


2.) Talk N’ Text load promo – Alden and Yaya Dub

3.) O Plus USA – Lola Nidora (Wally Bayola) and Yaya Dub

4.) 555 Sardines – Maine Mendoza

5.) Zonrox – Alden and Yaya Dub.

6.) Bear Brand Adult Plus – Alden and Yaya Dub.

7.) Tide – Alden and Maine.

8.) Downy – Alden and Maine.

9.) Datu Puti – Alden and Maine.

10.) Rejoice – Maine

11.) Hapee Toothpaste – Alden and Maine.

12.) Coca-Cola – Alden and Maine.

13.) Lady’s Choice – Maine.

14.) Bingo Cookies Sandwich – Alden and Maine.

15.) Gard Shampoo – Alden.

16.) Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate – Alden and Maine

17.) 555 Carne Norte – Alden

18.) Eskinol – Maine

19.) CDO Funtastyk Young Pork Tocino – Maine

20.) BETADINE Fresh Bliss – Maine

21.) Lemon Square Cheese Cake/Lava Cake – Alden and Maine

22.) Purefoods Tender Juicy Hotdog – Alden

23.) Modess – Maine

24.) Banco De Oro – Maine

25.) Lucky Me – Alden and Maine

26.) Magnolia Ice Cream – Alden and Maine

27.) SKK Mobile – Alden Richards

28.) Cebuana Lhuillier – Alden Richards

29.) Dakak Park and Beach Resort – Alden and Maine

30.) Mitsubishi Mirage – Alden and Maine

31.) Nescafe – Alden and Maine

32.) Oishi – Maine

Mc Donalds – Chicken Fillet Italiana – Alden and Maine

Magnolia Avocado Macchiato – Alden and Maine

Magnolia Chicken Station – Maine

SardinesKo555‬ – Maine
33.) Master Deep Cleanser – Alden

34.) Convergys – Alden

35.) Bounty Fresh Chicken – Alden

Nescafe – Alden and Maine

Magnolia Avocado Macchiato Surprise with Alden Richards & Maine Mendoza

Mitsubishi Mirage TVC – Alden and Maine

Maine For Smart Pack For Magnolia Chicken

Maine Newest TNT Ad

Alden and Maine Newest Magnolia Ice Cream Ad

Maine Mendoza Newest MCDo TVC

Alden Richards Newest MCDo TVC

Maine Mendoza Newest CDO Funtastyk Young Pork Tocino

Snow Caps – Glutathione – Alden.
Belo Company – Alden and Maine.
YAZZ – Alden.
Neozep – Alden
Doña Maria Rice – Alden.
Boardwalk – Alden
Technomarine Couple Watch – Alden and Maine.
PhilPlans – Alden
Avon – Maine
Bench – Maine
Bench Fix Salon – Alden
Sterling Notebook – Alden
Yale – Alden
Alpha Platinum Karaoke – Alden and Maine
Oppo Phones – Alden


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  • Tita Gonzaga

    Asan ang mga bashers? Sinong nagsasabing laos na ang Aldub? How come GMA readily airs Jadine and Kathniel TVCs even on Eat Bulaga while ABS-CBN takes huge effort to avoid airing Aldub commercials?


    don’t setemate the power of aldub

  • Thart21

    Di ba may SKK (cellphone) endorsement si Alden

    • yes

      • Thart21

        FYI I’ve seen billboard of Alden for GAOC dental clinic.

  • Tria

    update please ng mga commercials!

  • anonymous


  • mae andrea

    hahahh dami amazings

    • yup


        anggaling talaga nila kaya gusto ko sila ehh

      • andrea

        ahahh ang galing talaga nila

  • Alma Parilla Garnica

    wow!!!! amazing!! that’s the power of ALDUB…

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