Kris Aquino Bashed for Health Post on Instagram, Endorsement for HBP Drug-Supplement Soon?

Kris Aquino posted on Instagram today a collage of photos reflecting healthy lifestyle change in response to doctor’s advice as part of her recovery measures from fatigue.

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As she realized she has to change her lifestyle by maintaining weight and opting for healthier food, she shared a photo of a blood pressure monitoring device, low fat butter and cheese, fresh fruits and veggie sticks as snacks.

She wrote: “My hospitalization last week made me realize that my being a workaholic made me take my health for granted.

I’ve faithfully obeyed my doctors, starting with sleeping at the right time, reducing my daily work load to a manageable 12 hours, having rest days, taking my medicines, and of course healthy eating.

Mel was able to buy my reduced fat butter & cheese, as well as my new favorite snack, The Daily Crave Veggie Sticks from smmarkets.


I need to take my BP 3X a day, and September is starting good because my blood pressure has normalized, even after a full day of work yesterday w/ travel to & from Subic for shooting [hashtag]etiquetteformistresses.

My reward today? I get to fulfill my promise to Bimb that on the 1st day that Gerbel leaves us, I’m going to be the 1 to pick him up from school & he & Kuya can have all of me for the rest of the day. (Thank you Lord that I had no scenes to shoot today. ) God bless you all.”

Netizens’ reactions were positive especially those who are fans of the morning show host, with some even suggesting more rest.

But mostly, comments were less than friendly.

A wild reaction is from a netizen who said “it’s not surprising, this whole healthy lifestyle post is nothing but a social media PR for SM and putting out feelers to pharma companies for a future high blood pressure related product endorsement. In the next few months, you’ll definitely see a TV commercial with Kris endorsing a healthy kono products or a drug slash supplement aimed at those who suffer HBP. Poor Filipinos.”

One commenter said “she shouldn’t grab all the work but to give to others who need projects in showbiz. [hashtag]swa-pang”

Another one teased “Madam you are so rich, so many fruits, they must be very expensive.”

An anonymous reaction went “butter, cream cheese and veggie sticks are still full of saturated fats and high in salt. Bad for HBP.”

And yet another basher said “light butter is still butter. Doh! Even if it says with olive oil. If read the label, most of it has very low content of one olive oil and mostly cholesterol. Duh.”

But these are just reactions from netizens. Kris has more measures being followed to stay health.

If you can afford a healthier lifestyle why not spend for a healthier lifestyle. You can still be healthy though without spending lots of money.

The secret is to know your priorities. Most of the time people get sick from overworking because of wrong priorities. Work and live and live and work, don’t stress, don’t work for material things, for fame, for attention, for status. Work because you are designed to function according to your purpose.


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