Kathryn Bernardo’s Plastic Surgery Busted by Jane Oineza, Draws Wild Reactions from Netizens

Recently, PBB housemates Maris, Loisa, Nichole, and Jane were talking about the teen actress, Kathryn Bernardo.

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The conversation was started when Loisa talked about the nose of the actress implicating that it might have undergone surgery and Jane replied “no comment”.

Because of this “no comment” statement by Jane, fans of Kathryn believe that this was the affirmation of the issue.

Fans took to social media to air their reactions.

Below are some of it:


kyle slofar: “people would always judge that kathryn had undergone surgery..just because she looks a little different than when she was young..puberty people…that’s what it is… Why is it a big issue now? Are we all look the same when we were young???? Think before commenting…”

Jhannie Trijo: “Kaya namin siya pinagtatanggol kasi hindi naman siya nagparetoke.Try to look at the pictures of kath when she were a little.Just look very carefully.There’s nothing change with her cheeks.”

SweetSapphireangel15: “Don’t judge Jane yet I think I would like to see Jane’s face while saying “mm mm” or what sounded to you guys like “oo”
It wasn’t oo btw. She could’ve said that by either nodding her head in a sign of a yes or a no. Also she asked someone to closed the door, she could’ve said “oo or mm mm” to that person who was closing the door. We don’t know for sure.
Jane and Kathryn has been friends ever since they were kids so I think we should leave this situation between them two. I’m sure Kathryn and Jane will talk about this and I bet ya they will just laugh it out.
Also, even if Kathryn has had something done, say a cheek augmentation, there is nothing wrong with that. I think Star Magic or Abs Cbn’s BIGGEST stars has gone through some sort of enhancement (not necessarily a surgery). I’m not gonna name any other Abs Cbn starts who’s had enhancement but maybe it’s their management’s decision. What mattered is the fact that those celebrities are able to make you fans smile 🙂

Guys let’s not jump into conclusion that quick. Let’s wait for Kathryn’s reaction, but I hope that this will not ruin their 12 years of friendship.

I also applaud Maris for her positive attitude 🙂
An advice to Jane: Do not act in the same way as Loisa or Nichole, just so they can like you. Remember your true friends Miles, Kathryn and Julia.”

Yanna Lee: “Just clearing things up. I have nothinh agaisnt what Jane said. And its not our problem anymore iff she said something about Kathryn. And one more thing about Kathryn. I’ve been her fan since she’s in Goin Bulilit. If you’ll look at her pics before and today, I can’t see anything thaat she didi something to her face. And if there are some things that changed about her, it must be because she’s undergoing puberty like all of us are going through. Its normal to see differences in our appearances. Try watchinh Gandang Babae in Showtime, you’ll know what I mean. I agree with Maris that she maybe did something with her skin since she’s a bit tan when younger. Remeber she’s an endorser of olay. But we don’t know.. People’s skin color also changes when they grow.

hazalonili1D: “LOST MY RESPECT FOR THE 3 GIRLS ESPECIALLY JANE!!! This Just stopped me from Voting for JANE to be safe b/c i thought that she’s a true friend.”

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