KalyeSerye On Eat Bulaga Sep 21, 2015 Full Episode Netizens Worry For Yaya Dub #ALDUBTheTRIALS

Last Saturday, the KalyeSerye segment on “Eat Bulaga” made history on Twitter.

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The show reached more than 12 million tweets using their official hashtag, “ALDUBMostAwaitedDate”.

ALDUB or Alden Richards and Yaya Dub (Maine Mendoza) was having their first date.

Both of them are happy but when Yaya Dub went home her car was accidentally hit by a motorcycle.

Today, viewers wanted to know what will be the condition of Yaya Dub. They are happy that she is okay despite the bondage on her head.


However, the two grandmothers were shocked after seeing her lying down on the floor unconscious.

What happened to Yaya Dub?

Netizens are posted their reactions on social media using the hashtag, “ALDUBTheTRIALS.”

Below are some of their comments:

Alyssa Marie Mijares – “Let ALDUB be our antidote to the poisons of disquieting political tragedies of this generation. Let distress escape me!”

Jeffrey dela cruz ‏- “ALDUBTheTRIALS I like the scene when Yaya Dub demonstrating what happen to her date with Alden. Haha”

ALDUBBAILONAMARNOLO ‏- “Coz of the accident, hope Yaya Dub would not have an amnesia but would regain her voice.”

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