Is Affordable Housing a Basic Right?

First, all Rights come from the government/citizenry of the tribe/society/country. Nothing is “natural”, “god given”, or otherwise provided at any level.

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In short, rights come from the government.

Second, there are two basic types of rights.
Positive Rights and Negative Rights (not good/bad – think more like how a magnet has a positive end and a negative end.)

Negative Rights, what most conservatives mean when they talk about Rights, are those that prevent or stop some action, by the government or other citizens, upon your person or property.

Positive Rights are those that requires some action to be taken on behalf of another. Most familiar is the right to a representation in a trial. We have decided as a people, through our government, that anyone convicted by the State of a crime should have a fair understanding of the charges and what their legal options are.


In order to provide/enforce either type of right requires oversight, enforcement, and resources from the State. Funded through taxes and other government revenue stream.

WTF does all of this mean?

It means that when you say something is a “Right” you are saying that the people should be obligated to pay for providing/enforcing said Right. “Yes. I think we should fund that Right.”

Conversely, if you say something is NOT a “Right” you are saying that you don’t think the people should be obligated to pay for providing/enforcing said Right. “No. I do not think we should fund that Right.”

So, lets keep nature, god, etc. out of the discussion, if you can.

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