Groovy Tony – Schoolboy Q (New Music Released)

Whew, the weather is hot, totally awesome, and so are the hits coming out.

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Yup, I need new songs now. Good thing there’s new music here.

Yes baby I am talking about this Schoolboy Q and why did I miss this.
Anyway, the new track to check, care to listen, is Groovy Tony . (just stop what you’re doing right now)

site that hosts monster files, site that is named after zipper, website that saves burning files, or website named after a feline and site that wants to hurt your bon bon and website meant for sharing to 4 people and website that hosts vibrations in the cloud.

Please stop bootlegging songs. Make sure to download only on iTunes, you will def love this, or Amazon MP3. Schoolboy Q – Groovy Tony


Schoolboy Q Groovy Tony

Groovy Tony – Schoolboy Q 9.1

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