Gretchen Fullido Bashed For Not Mentioning Xian Lim On New Vilma Movie

Last March 19, fans and supporters of Xian Lim felt disappointed by the report of Gretchen Fullido in TV Patrol.

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In her report, she forgot to mention the actor who is also part of the movie of Vilma Santos and Angel Locsin.

Because of this, some supporters took to social media to correct the report of Gretchen.

Below are some of it:

XibongE ‏- “Gretchen Fullido I think your report is not UPDATED. FYI Xian is part of the VilmaAngelXianMovie  and it was trending.”


I Support Xian Lim ‏- “Gretchen Fullido the Adprom of Star Cinema  as per request  to trend the hashtag VilmaAngelXianMovie  and then your report is just Vilma and Angel movie!”

Girl0621 ‏- “Maybe Gretchen Fullido has a problem with her eyes. She never saw the other cast of the movie. Is it personal?

Mepadalanku – Gretchen Fullido, all the people who were present in the storycon they know that it us VilmaAngelXianMovie.  How come you have your own casting!

Gretchen, on the other hand, congratulates Xian on her Instagram account.

She posted, “Congrats with the new movie Xian Lim! He will be playing the son of Star for all seasons Vilma Santos in the Star Cinema film and will he also be the love interest of Angel Locsin? Watch out! So happy to see that our GetSummerReady ad is already airing!

Gretchen Fullido with Xian Lim

However, a fan name Ladyofdhaus is still not happy about it.

In Gretchen’s post, Ladyofdhaus replied, “It would really help gretchenfullido that next time be sure not to miss anyone’s name in reporting less one of the major lead actors in a movie to be considered a reliable source of information. Maybe this thing is little for you but insulting to others. Put yourself into Xian’s shoes and your name will not be mentioned. How do you feel? Yes, you tried to make up for it on  IG but the damage has been done on TV.

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