Ex With Benefits Starring Coleen Garcia, Derek Ramsay (DVD)

Ten years prior, Adam (Derek Ramsay) and Arki (Coleen Garcia) both longed for only to wind up specialists.

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As they went to the same therapeutic school, their relationship was characterized by their study sessions, which in the end prompted enthusiastic experiences in the room.

In any case, after a fight that just about endangered Adam’s fantasy, the couple gets into their first real battle, making Arki all of a sudden vanish with Adam failing to find out the motivation behind why.

Presently, as destiny would have it, Arki is now filling in as a therapeutic delegate in a legitimate pharmaceutical organization and is doled out to get the underwriting of her ex, who is currently a celebrated around the world games specialist in the nation.

Much the same as the painkillers that Arki is advancing, the two concealment the torments of the past by living for the minute and getting a charge out of the newly discovered relationship that they are beginning to manufacture.


Obviously, agony is everybody’s most exceedingly terrible adversary, and it will hit you unannounced. Exactly when everything is going on track, the insider facts of the past will begin returning, compelling Adam and Arki to stand up to the inquiry – can exes truly give each other another opportunity?

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