Em3li Sandé – Hurts (N3w Singl3)

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This is what I heard is the latest buzz on social media and it’s true, the internet people are looking it up on Bing and Google about about Emeli Sandé – Hurts

My Twitter is lit, please listen, I mean really, really lit.

Well, I just had to RT about this stuff. New music is here and I am so excited.

So of course let us talk about Emeli Sandé and yes that artist has a new song.

You gotta start adding this to your, love it love it, playlist – Hurts .


site (booom) that wants to share monsters, website named after a zipper, site that is on fire, or site that is named after a feline and site that wants to hurt your back and site that wants to give to four people and site that says they have vibrations in the cloud.net.

Please stop bootlegging songs. Make sure to download only on iTunes, yes serious here, or Amazon MP3. Emeli Sandé – Hurts (New Single) Add To Playlist

Emeli Sandé – Hurts

Emeli Sandé Hurts

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