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I am so happy, oh my God, there is no power interruption today, I would go really crazy. I can’t imagine life without my internet.

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So scanning on my news app right now, everyone is talking about this SM There’s Nothing Holding Me Back

I just found out about this, don’t stop reading, when I opened my Twitter app.

It’s one of those times when you had to scroll down.

Just to see what’s trending and it’s new music from SM and this future hit song, love to the max, is called There’s Nothing Holding Me Back .


I (ahuh) hope you guys check out this track. But please don’t attempt to download it from website named after a zipper site that is burning site that wants to give to four people site that is named after a feline site that wants to hurt your back or site that claims to have exclusive rhythm and blue tracks.

But only on iTunes and Amazon, my jeeez, MP3 only. New Music: There’s Nothing Holding Me Back (New For Your Playlist)

There’s Nothing Holding Me Back

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