Destined To Be Yours May 8, 2017 Episode

Next on your favorite, oh my gee, television show Destined To Be Yours May 8, 2017 Episode and yes the bestest, super cool, episode youve seen.

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And, totally cool, the focus is on Now that Trish has finally unleased her wrath upon DJ Sunshine, what will be the fate of the radio personality.

Despite what though, Sinag still wants to talk to Trish and make her understand.

On Monday, will find out what Benjie will do, will he intervene and make things better for his one love?

‘Ikaw trahidor ka sinaksak mo na ako sa likod, trinahidor mo pa!’ – is what the character said in the series.


Well you know (aherm) what – this program just changes so many things right now and do not forget to, totally cool, catch Destined To Be Yours May 8, 2017 Episode

Find out (my jeeez) what they have to tweet, sweetness, or post

Elish – Dapat si Trish yung natangal sa trabaho dahil siya yung unang ng gulo!!! Tapos si Sinag yung sinisi niya na nanguna ng gulo!

JasTom – Si Trish ang bida no? Sana ginawan din sya poster ung mas malaki p s aldub tapos nilagay nyo s harap ng GMA.

"Destined To Be Yours May 8, 2017 Episode", 5 out of 5 based on 2 ratings.

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