Darren Espanto Acting Project with Jericho Rosales, Kathryn Bernardo, Daniel Padilla

Darren Espanto, the total performer has indeed made waves here and abroad and continues to be doing so. He is also a big contributor to the OPM industry.

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And while at the topic of talent, our favorite Darren has expressed before that he would love to explore the avenue of acting.

In an interview, he said it’s one of the areas that he would like to try and improve on.

Asked if there are actors he’d like to work with, he quickly mentioned Jericho Rosales as a big brother in a role and Kathryn Bernardo as an older sister. He would also love to work with Daniel Padilla.

Asked for a potential love team-mate, the total performer is somewhat shy about it but we all know Kathryn is her childhood crush right? Well, we’d love to see them both in a TV or movie project perhaps.


But who do you like Darren Espanto to be paired with? Who are your bets? Comment below.

And if Darren is to star in a teleserye what character name would you like for him and what kind of role or character would he portray? Let us know.

darren espanto acting

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