Darla Sauler, Are You In Speaking Terms With Kris Aquino?

Darla Sauler, Are You In Speaking Terms With Kris Aquire?
From @darlasauler – Ang bongga ng pa-CCTV na portable hehehe! Winner to! 

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Got this from @cleverdog_philippines, yey lagi ko nang mamo-monitor my family. 

Gaya ng pag unlock nila sa pinto ko kaninang akala nila tulog pa ko o. Hahaha!

Thans @poshnails_ for taking care of my nails hihihi. 

Kaka-post lang nito ni Darla sa kanyang IG. It’s a very cool gadget.  Super nice to use for your home safety.


It’s like a CCTV na one can use to monitor your home from an app, a device that a few netizen wish they have on Darla and Kris.

Paano naman kasi, a commenter on this same IG post asked the one and only pinaka-creative talk show writer ever na si Darla, if they are in speaking terms with Kris Aquino.

Kris kasi is rumored to be transferring to GMA 7.

And may mga balita na rin na not good in terms si Tito Boy and Kris.

Darla is yet to answer the commenter’s question. 

But to those who know Kris, she doesn’t like burning bridges.

And of course naman,  there is no reason for Darla not to be in speaking terms with the Queen of All Media.

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