“Crazy Beautiful You” Movie Review at Ayala Center Cebu – Star Cinema’s Best Valentine Movie Ever

We give this movie 9 out of 10.

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That is really generous for a romantic comedy movie starring Daniel Padilla and Kathryn Bernardo. Now, I know this raises eye brows, but that is the point. This is a movie that stars Daniel Padilla and Katheryn Bernardo and what you get is a 9 rated movie.

We have master story tellers behind this, Rory B. Quintos and of course Star Cinema. But that’s just part of the equation. We need huge stars to gravitate audiences and yes, they pulled it off with this generation’s stellar love team KathNiel.

However, a popular love team is no use, if they don’t deliver  the great story effectively. And this is how KathNiel pulled it off.

Jackie, (played by Kathryn), is a happy go lucky, black sheep, misunderstood, pain in the neck rich daughter who hates her mother for leaving her as a kid and rebels to exhaust her misery.


Kiko, (DJ), is the Mr Sunshine guy who just smiles at problems despite being the born-out-of-wedlock child of a mayor (Gabby Concepcion), who has to put up with the family his father is with now, including a resenting a step-mother and an insecure half brother and back home attends to a problematic mother causing him to sometimes act as the parent to his 3 younger siblings.

Their paths will cross when Jackie’s mother decided to bring her to a medical mission – two opposing characters and  an amazing story that will adhere the characters together as they learn to love and let go.

Kathryn has upped her ante this time. She is usually criticized in showbiz for only being maarte. She is maarte in this movie which fits the character Jackie. But that is not necessarily convenient for Kath. She has to deliver those emotions which she did – a resenting daughter who hates her mother, that’s a tough shoe to fill in. But she is the heart here in this movie.

Daniel Padila is not in the drama side here. But his punchlines were effectively delivered as a way to counter the abrasive character of Kathryn and in the way help develop both of them. Dripping tears should not be a gauge of what a good actor is, but that scene when Kiko could not longer keep it, he is tired of putting up with his mother (Assunta De Rossi) and standing as a parent to his siblings, brought out the serious actor in Daniel.

There are three themes in this movie – love, sacrifice and family. And apart from the laughters which by the way you’ll never ran out of it in theaters, are the morals:


  1. Sacrifice is part of loving.
  2. You never stop forgiving.
  3. Family is the greatest wealth.
  4. Love yourself first.
  5. Love always hurts, but you endure because of it.

The movie isn’t titled Crazy, Beautiful You for nothing. These are the craziest scenes:

  1. When Jackie harasses Kiko to take the keys ala Fifty Shades. The movie goers were not prepared for this and so were the parents who brought along their below thirteens. But rest assured Kath and DJ did it in a very wholesome manner.
  2. Jackie made fun of Kiko by putting spider in his pants – DJ definitely has  a good sense of humor. But in this scene you can’t help but feel bad for him as he got humiliated in front of the village people. He just came out from the rest room though.
  3. Jakie told Kiko it’s her first time at the jeep – they were about to kiss, but Jackie remembered Kiko’s words when he thought Jackie was about to you know, do it with him.
  4. Kiko about hugs Jackie during family pictures – these sent the whole theater exploding in screams as fans giggled!
  5. Jackie and Kiko kiss in Quezon Avenue – epic setting, epic story and an epic ending. Yes, there is a kissing scene here.


  1. 9 out of 10 stars.
  2. Best Valentine Movie ever from Star Cinema.
  3. Cements the empire of the KathNiel love team.
  4. Kathryn’s acting is a step up.
  5. Daniel is officially ABS-CBN’s new leading man king.

We won’t be surprised if CBY will topple Starting Over Again in the box office.

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