Best Moments and Highlights of “Crazy Beautiful You” Movie

Opening today February 25, is “Crazy Beautiful You” the valentine offering of Star Cinema starring Daniel Padilla and Kathryn Bernardo.

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It was the 2:15 PM screening that the team chose and we were not surprised to see lines filling up the entire 4th Cinema level of Ayala Center Cebu. The queue reminded us of the 2014 big hit Starting Over Again which is by the way the country’s highest grossing film, of all time.

There is a separate artix we’re doing as a review but in this artix we’re shedding light on the best moments and the major highlights.

We believe these are the crowning jewels of the movie, but  not necessarily the basis to watch this film. These will be covered in the review.

But these items will definitely make you say, “I’m glad I’ve watched this film” and on the big screen. (WARNING! Spoilers ahead)


Top 5 Best Moments of Crazy, Beautiful, You

  1. Confrontation between Jackie (Kathryn Bernardo) and Mommy (Lorna Tolentino) – how do you confront a mother you hated so much? Well here, Jackie had finally exhausted everything that bottled up in her heart. That’s a big star you’re doing in a scene in there, and that’s no ordinary star, it’s Lorna Tolentino. Kathryn Bernardo pulled it off, both emotions and technical-wise.
  2. Confrontation of Jackie and Kiko “matuto ka ring tumanggap” – we love this part. Jackie could not believe after Kiko put her up there in the pedestal and nothing hurts than left out in the air. It’s hard to compete with a sibling she said. But she gets, she understands Kiko had to give way for his brother Marcus (Inigo Pascual).
  3. Marcus and Kiko scene with Daddy “ni minsan hindi ako humihingi … minsan ipagtanggol nyo naman ako. Anak nyo din ako.” – This is nerve-wracking. This scene makes you wanna punch that dad and that monstrous step mother. Finally though, Kiko have let go of the baggage. All this time, he is always the one who gives in for Marcus. Now could have been his opportunity to say no, and say yes for his personal desires. But he didn’t.
  4. Scene when Jackie seems to harass Kiko and took the car keys – movie goers called this the Fifty Shades scene. And it was playful, it wasn’t done in an awkward manner, because to think there are below thirteens watching the film. And by the way, Daniel Padilla here is really good in pulling off punch lines.
  5. Scene when Jackie took pictures with the families – one of the most heartwarming scenes there. This highlights the importance of family and why this is the best wealth anyone has or will ever have.

Every thing in the movie is perfectly crafted, I can only recall just one, only one plot hole and that was when Kiko received a call from his siblings when in fact, the location where they are having their medical mission has no cellular signal.

But of course, it is just less than 1 percent of the rest of the movie filled with great moments. The highlights below constitute those that give that surprise and awe elements.

Highlights of the movie:

  1. Best punch line by Kiko – Daniel Padilla definitely is one actor who pulls off punch lines very well.
  2. Fun characters like the indigenous kids – those kids are definitely a pleasant surprise and you can’t but get an ear to ear smile when you see them.
  3. Jackie pulled off scenes Lorna – that’s no easy scene, but Kathryn is officially done with the pa-tweetums and now ready for more serious roles.
  4. Marcus scenes are short but was a huge catalyst – yes, Iñigo is good, did well as a supporting.
  5. Beautiful setting and story – this is Star Cinema’s really puts out an epic Valentine Movie.

So there you have it, these are just few of the many reasons why you should watch this film. I recommend it seeing with your family.

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